1. WHAT IS PROGNOS®? Medprevent

Prognos® is a diagnosis - system on basis of the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM): At 24 Meridian-points the electric skin-resistance is measured in K-Ohm. With the help of mathematical algorithms on the basis of more than 12 millions Measuremnt-data (developed for the space travel) references are given in three graphics for the diagnosis and in the further three graphics suggestions for the therapy are made. The Measuring-pin is stored thereby springily. The measurement happens at extremely low current (0,4 µA) and a very short Measuring-time (200 msec.). The measurements are reproducible.

Prognos is a diagnosis system on the basis of the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM): The electric skin resistance is measured in K-Ohm at 24 Meridian points. With the help of mathematical algorithms on the basis of more than 12 million measurement data (developed for the space travel) references are given in three diagrams for the diagnosis and in another three diagrams suggestions for the therapy are made. The dipstick is suspended. The measuring happens at extremely low current (0,4 mA) and a very short measuring time (200msec.). The measurements are reproducable. The measurements of the skin resistance at the final-/starting points of the meridians give a holistic statement about the energy state of the meridians and / or organs.

With the help of the diagnosis hints it is recognized in which areas is a lack or excess of energy, which corresponds to a stasis / spasm. With the comparison of several measurements, blocks on the meridians (stiff meridians) are made visible. If a meridian develops energetically unfavourable, it is possible to intervene before it comes about a disease.

According to the rules of the TCM suggestions are made from Prognos to the tonifying or tranquilization of certain points of acupuncture. In another diagram references to the energetic settlement of the right and left meridians are given. Simultaneously, the meridians measured at hands and feet are equalized and thus achieves an energetic harmony of Yin and Yang.

If the measurement takes place before and after the therapy, the success of therapy can be recognized immediately through the comparison of the curves (therapy control).


- Prevention because of the attainment of an energetic balance (self-regulation),

- Chronic diseases,

- Cognition of blocks in connection with the cinesiology,

- Tracking down of psychic blocks according to the affirmations of John Diamond,

- Cognition of perturbation fields like, for example, in the area of the tooth, at geopathy, fungus, etc.

- With the help of PROGNOS® you can recognize the cause of the individual disease.

PROGNOS® as therapy-system:

With PROGNOS® you receive plenty of information for diagnosis and therapy.

The concept to make the energy flow evenly with the help of the colour therapy can be gathered from the paper "Prognos-puncture". Thereby we also inform you about therapeutic measures with homoeopathy, magnetic field therapy and the orthomolecular medicine.



1. PROGNOS gives a holistic status about the energy situation of all meridians immediately after the first measurement. Weak points - hypo-or hyperfunctions - become clear.

To receive a clear statement it is, however, necessary in most cases to provoke the body (magnetic field therapy or frequency acupuncture), to measure once more immediately and perhaps to have the body regulate for 1 hour, to take a third measuring then (compare rule by Dr. M. Doepp).

2. Therapy proposals on the basis of the PROGNOS diagrams "5 Phases of Metamorphosis" and "Meridian Asymmetry" enable the tonifying of energy-weak meridians and the equalizing of energetic unbalances between left and right meridians, between the meridians measured " above" and "below"as well as between Yin and Yang with the help of the resonance acupuncture (energetic harmony).

3. It can be compared up to 8 diagrams with each other:

The doctor sees the success of his therapy. This control of the course helps the doctor to find an optimal therapy and documents the efficiency of the therapy to the patients and the health insurance institution

4. Blocks on the individual meridians and perturbation fields can be recognized because of the 3 diagrams "Therapy Control". The cause of the perturbation field can be defined and blocks can be resolved with the help of the PROGNOS® nosodes. Complementary to it, the frequency acupuncture according to PROGNOS may be used over and over again to the support of it.

5. Every homoeopathic, phytotherapeutic drug or also pharmaceuticals can be checked for efficiency within a short deal of time. If the energy curve of the patient improves, it means that the drug is good for the body; the deterioration of energy means the denial of the drug.

6. With the help of PROGNOS and our therapy possibilities, the doctor is able to find the cause of the individual disease and is able to cure the disease successfully.

4. Regulative Medicine - Diagnose- and Therapy

The rule according to Dr. Doepp shows how it is proceeded strategically with PROGNOS to find the cause of a disease and then to treat accordingly. The meridian system is the quickest communication and information system of the body. The energy state of the meridians represents the functional readiness of the organs. Lengthy energy deficiency leads to a disease. An excess of energy shows e.g. a block or an inflammable state (e.g. renal colic; hyperacidity). PROGNOS measures the present energy distribution correctly in the network of the meridians. Blocks or perturbation fields on the meridians impair the regulation ability of the whole meridian system. The body always gives the right answer to the question if a drug or method is good for it or not. Gain of energy means "yes", loss of energy means "no". The Escape phenomenon - the energetically unfavourable meridian is treated successfully, one or two other meridians, however, become more unfavourable - is to be considered (holistic aspect!).

It is the task and art of the therapist to ask the right questions and to interpret the answers correctly which the body gives = PROGNOS measurement.

Diagrammatic therapies should be avoided. Every patient reacts / regulates differently. Every therapy should be tested before the use with PROGNOS. The person that is to be tested has to be calm, neutral and patient; stress, expectation or impatience have a negative influence on the results. The patient shall be prepared according to the PROGNOS guideline and shall be measured in a calm atmosphere.

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